Biodentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones

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Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have the same chemical structure and have the same effect as hormones naturally produced by the human body. Their name does not refer to the source of origin of the hormones but to their chemical structure.

Hormones that have the same chemical structure and are identical in nature to hormones naturally produced by the human body, their name does not refer to the source of the hormones but their chemical structure.


Οestrogens, whose production is pituitary-dependent, are among the most complex hormones not only in women but also in men.

Woman's estrogens are produced in the ovaries until menopause. Their activity in terms of bone density is more pronounced in women, as their action is more pronounced on the hair, on the skin and on the overall appearance. Also, estrogen reduces cholesterol, facilitates circulation and affects the nervous system. Over the last three decades, female hormones, estrogens and progesterone have been administered to reduce menopausal symptoms such as sweating, hot flashes, nervousnes, etc.

Those that support hormone therapy claim that long-term estrogen administration is a more general source of youth against old age and that it protects against Alzheimer's disease and stroke.


Progesterone is naturally produced in the body to ensure the creation of a thick uterine lining (endometrium), which facilitates implantation of the embryo on its walls during the early days of pregnancy and its development.

Progesterone may enhance the active effect of estrogen as well as reduce symptoms due to estrogen hypersecretion (e.g. fluid retention, fat collection).

Progesterone promotes thyroid activity while it can control the cells that form the bones.


Testosterone in men is mainly secreted by the testes and in smaller quantities than other glands, e.g. adrenal glands. In women, testosterone is produced both by the ovaries and by the adrenal glands. In both sexes, testosterone is important for boosting libido, energy and muscle strength.

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Is bioidentical hormone therapy appropriate for all women?

For the individual patient, the specialized doctor prescribes a specific treatment that provides the required dosage of the hormone according to the needs of the individual woman.

Hormone replacement therapy is triggered since the specialist gynecologist has thoroughly examined the medical and family history. Each woman, on the other hand, is unique and will respond to the treatment in its own way. For this reason, frequent medical follow-up and possible adjustment of the treatment given are recommended.

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