Labiaplasty Surgery

More and more often patients of different ages visit us with similar concerns, regarding various malformations of the sensitive area.

It is a very common that women born with either asymmetric or hypertrophic small lips, or even with a large clitoris, seek expert's solution in order to correct and restore this normal anatomical variation.

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The need for plastic restoration of the genital region is imperative when functional or sexual or even psychological problems arise in woman's life. Depending on the extent of each case, the woman may feel discomfort when wearing tight pants or leggings, hurting at various sports such as cycling and riding or even being troubled by recurring or repeated fungal vaginosis.

The latter condition is due to excess of skin mucosa that often traps sweat and, as is well known, the fungi grow in moisture.

Some women hurt even during the sexual act; when this dyspareunia coupled with the unsatisfactory aesthetic effect often affects the sexuality of couples.

In fact, the psychological factor induces women to seek the help of the specialist. Most of these women feel embarrassed, low self-esteem or even anxiety, and usually avoid getting naked in front of their erotic comrades with the corresponding natural adverse effects on their sexual life and psychological health.

For all these cases, the solution is one-way and is called labiaplasty surgery.

Labiaplasty surgery is the plastic reconstructive restoration of the external genital organs, which mainly concerns hypertrophic, hypermelachromatic or asymmetric small lips and is performed mainly by a specialized gynecologist or plastic surgeon who knows the anatomy of the genital area in order not to disturb the sensibility and functionality of the area. 

It's an "one day surgery" or usually called "Friday surgery", due to its short term required stay in the hospital.

The only restriction is sex absence for 4-6 weeks.

Thanks to labiaplasty, every woman can get the desired symmetrical aesthetic image of the vagina region.

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